Henry Awards

Colorado Theatre Guild
Henry Awards

Established in 2006, the Henry Awards honor outstanding achievements during the past season and serves as the Colorado Theatre Guild’s annual fundraising event. The awards are named for longtime local theatre producer Henry Lowenstein. Nominations are determined through a judging process conducted by more than 100 statewide peer professionals, academics / educators and other theatre lovers.

Nominations are determined through a judging process conducted by statewide educators and assigned judges.

Few people have had as much impact on theater in Denver—or the lives of theater people in Denver—as Henry Lowenstein, who ran Denver Post publisher Helen Bonfils’ crown jewel on East Colfax Avenue and Elizabeth Street until the theater closed in 1986. He discovered new talent. He launched careers. He encouraged women and people of color. For hundreds of thousands of Coloradans, the Bonfils served as their first experience in live theater.

– John Moore | Oct 07, 2014 – with corrections by Becky Toma

Information for the producers of shows

There are two steps (two forms) that you need to complete as a Producer in order to have your show considered for a Henry Award. Some of the information included on one or the other of the forms is duplicated but since they are processed by different CTG staff this was unavoidable.

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